Get more Likes & Shares by crafting the Perfect Blog Post Title

Who wants to write a blog for no one to read…well, NO ONE!!  Blog post titles that are crafted well get more likes and shares.  I have captured the most important factors that you need to know to create the most engaging and effective blog post titles.


2)  Try to keep your title UNDER 8 WORDS-Obviously, I’m still working on this one 😉

3)  Use ADJECTIVES that are witty, fun, and accurate-this creates engagement and helps your blog stand out from all the others.

4)  Consider the TOP KEY PHRASES that are searched online for the topic that you are writing about.  This will help with getting your blog in front of your targeted audience.  The Keyword Planner in Google Adwords is ideal for researching this.  Click here to read about how to use the keyword planner.

Choosing a title takes time..don’t rush it.  Let your creative juices flow!

Do you have any more tips?  Need help crafting a title?  Comment below with details or email me and I’ll give you a free recommendation on your next blog post title!




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